Gaza Shells Israel On Twitter

My uniform is ironed, folded and ready for the anticipated call from my unit. After barrages of rockets from Gaza to Israel, it was time to retaliate. Many Israelis, who were getting tired of the situation, kept posting memes and updated their statuses expressing their wish to block rocket attacks and get back to normal life. It was at a certain point that the government decided to strike back, and has been doing so in surgical, pin-pointed airstrikes designed to stop the rockets by exploding them in mid-air as well as pounding at Hamas, its leadership and its infrastructure.

On Facebook, you couldn’t help but notice the heartwarming gestures of people living in the central and northern parts of the country, offering their homes and sending warm wishes to the 1 million civilians within rocket range. But soon after, rockets started falling in central Israel, making it 5 million civilians under rocket range, exposed to physical danger as well as much frustration, confusion and anxiety.

Israelis love Facebook so much that they forget there is a whole world out there which isn’t comprised of family and friends and who doesn’t necessarily support, understand or even know the slightest thing about what is happening now between Gaza and Israel. I noticed many of my friends, calling their friends and fans to post photos and testimonies of the rockets flying over their heads so that “the whole world will see”.

gaza fires rockets on israel

“The Foreign Ministry calls upon the citizens of Southern-Israel to send videos, photos that show your lives under rocket threat”

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked civilians to email them videos and photos so that they may use them to create posters, memes and clips that will serve as advocacy materials in the public diplomacy efforts to keep the world informed and to maintain the first time ever general support of Israel and the opinion that Hamas launching daily, if not hourly rocket attacks from Gaza to Israel is the direct cause of this escalation.

But you see, the conversation is on Twitter, not just on Facebook. If Facebook is a social network, then Twitter is a source of information to all, at any given time, on any topic.

gaza shells israel on twitter

Gaza & Israel, or should we say just Gaza, on Twitter

Israelis, as opposed to Palestinians, don’t use Twitter. And when it comes to Instagram, they seem to keep the tags very local. This simple truth leaves the 4th battle field totally neglected.

A quick scroll down the twitter feed using the tags #Israel or #Gaza will show exactly who is shaping and controlling the conversation. No matter how many advocacy groups and governemt organizations will try to contribute, it is the people, in this case the Palestinians who control the Twittersphere simply because it isn’t used by Israelis.

As I wait to be called for duty, I would like to call upon the Foreign Ministry, the Israel Defense Forces and everyone interested mobilizing civilians to keep the world informed:

Israel is the startup nation and the hub of technological innovation – Don’t ask them for photos, don’t create hashtags that no one searches for. Develop a simple, visual, location-based app that would enable people to share real-time alarms/sirens, rocket shells and of course photos and tags that will help them share their experience with everyone in the world, and not just their own circles.

The concern of a location based app revealing to Hamas the exact location of where the rockets fell I s understandable. So is the fear of encouraging people to take pictures of rockets when they should be running for shelter. But the thing is that, Hamas will know whether you tell them or not, and people will be taking pictures of rockets anyway…

Once again, the best speakers and the people themselves, the moment you do it for them, you lose the ears and the hearts of your potential audience which is not yours, it’s in fact, theirs.


6 Responses to Gaza Shells Israel On Twitter

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  2. Rev Dr. Jon Morgan says:

    This is yet another bias Zionist approach which denies the ethnic cleansing of a complete nation, a nation which does not deny the reality of the State of Israel but has suffered from 1948, and continues to be evicted on the West Bank, and strangled in Gaza. There is no justification for death or oppression on either side, but for once, be honest! There are enough people showing the truth of the situation, it is only time before you as israelis will have to face up to your own dehumanisation.

    • Thank you for your comment, although I don’t understand the connection to my blog post.
      Your comment sounds like it was taken from some sort of propaganda manual, and leaves no room for true dialogue which is a shame yet quite typical of those who use this terminology, mostly coming from people who have never lived or experienced the Arab Israeli conflict on their own skin. I wish you all the best, and hope one day you will do yourself, Israelis and Palestinians a favor and open your mind to discussion and stop hiding behind empty slogans pretending to represent some unspoken “truth”.

      • Rev Dr. Jon Morgan says:

        Just for your information, I have been on fact finding trips to Israel and Palestine since 2000, when I first studied there. I represent Aid agencies as well as humanitarian organisations. I am so well known at Ben Gurion airport they know me by me Christian name. I do not use slogans, I have written extensively on both sides of the conflict so maybe you would like to quote me!
        Your comments worry me, as they are the blind basis for what some of the conflict is all about; that is the hidden agenda behind a political superficial imperative called ‘Security’ I last came back three weeks ago, having had meetings with both sides of the dispute, also with ‘Friends of Israel’, the misrepresentation for instance on what is going on in E1 is shameful, the forced movement for the Bedouins on to a rubbish tip. The extension of the wall and the expansion of Gilo and three others. All this is illegal, and is nothing more than another land grab. this has nothing to do with security!!!!!!

        I would laugh at your comments about my ignorance if I could forget that your comments are those that perpetuate the problem, humanities inhumanity to others. I talk to both sides, however until the press start reporting without bias the reality of what is going on, then there will be the need for people like myself be a voice for the silenced on both sides of the conflict, and by saying that I refer to by Israeli friends who stand up for human rights abuses inflicted upon the Palestinians as well as Israeli ‘Arabs’ Palestinians.
        If you want to discuss further, I an happy to communicate with you.
        I wish you well and ask that you seek the truth. If you really are a friend of Israel, you should be worried for them in the light that they are dehumanising themselves and I am sad to say, will at some point implode; That I do not wish to happen.
        Rev Dr. J morgan

  3. Google says:

    Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after
    going through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me.

    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

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