Ellen’s Oscar Selfie Reaches the UN

One cannot overlook the magnitude of the conversation around Ellen’s star spangled selfie.

The latest to fall for the trend –
Israeli Ambassador to the UN Mr. Ron Prosor and his dedicated staff taking a quick moment away from the whole Russia invades the Crimea thing; the latest Middle East drama of the massive Iranian weapons shipment raided in the Suez Canal and of course, the usual crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by dictators such as Assad & Kim Jong Un.

Out of all the crap I’ve seen in the last couple of days – this one is definitely sits comfortably in my list of top 5 Ellen’s Oscar selfie memes.


ellen oscar selfie at the UN


Who’s the 1st Head of State to Use Facebook’s New Q&A Technology?

President Shimon Peres’ digital team are going for yet another record,

this time, using Facebook’s latest Q&A technology.

Click here to join the event.

Hurry up it’s about to start!

Shimon Peres on Facebook