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Digging Deep into the challenges of the world of Digital Diplomacy

sharon singer deputy managing director of new family, former director of public affairs and socail media at the israeli consulate in philadelphia. Social media guru

Sharon Singer
Photo by:
Louiz Green

Though there is yet an official definition or the term Digital Diplomacy, the challenges in conduction effective public diplomacy via social networks imposed on organizations and governments are clear and are constantly revealing themselves further on a daily basis.

In this blog, I will attempt to map out these challenges, study cases, propose solutions and give tips based on my experiences in this fascinating growing field of study and practice.

My name is Sharon Singer. As the Director of Public Diplomacy at the Consulate General of Israel to the Mid-Atlantic Region, I specialized in strategizing and

conducting the mission’s diplomacy and outreach efforts utilizing social media.

I traveled across the USA consulting organizations and speaking on numerous college campuses about digital diplomacy, social media and more. I have trained marketing professionals in various organizations and consulted companies seeking to improve their brand’s online reputation.

Prior to that, I served as the Chief Training Officer of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) Foreign Relations and Strategic Planning Division as well as Head of the Operations Desk at the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Division, ending a 9 year military career at the rank of Major.

I studied advertising in Tel Aviv where I live and work today as an independent social media marketing and PR consultant, specializing in digital diplomacy and place positioning.


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